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Matilda Lloyd © Geoffroy Schied-8815_edited.jpg

24th October 2022

“Matilda Lloyd brillierte mit virtuoser Technik ebenso wie mit feinfühligen Klangvarianten und gestaltete sehr nuanciert Farbigkeit und Stimmungscharakter des facettenreichen Werks im schönen Miteinander mit den Musikern. Die Größe Kadenz inmitten spielte Lloyd mit Raffinement und Freude an ihrem Instrument.”


“Matilda Lloyd excelled with virtuosic technique as well as with sensitive sounds and very nuanced colours and characters of the multifaceted work in beautiful collaboration with the musicians. Lloyd performed the great cadenza in the middle with refinement and joy in her instrument.”

18th November 2021

“a rare talent – intuitive, intelligent and deeply musical. I was stunned by Lloyd’s commitment and ability to communicate the music on a very deep level to the audience.”


3rd July 2021

“John Woolrich’s Hark! The Echoing Air (after Purcell) was a quirky, rhythmically dislocated showpiece for the young British trumpeter Matilda Lloyd.” (Fiona Maddocks)

The times

“John Woolrich's Hark! The echoing air is a bright, perky piece, inspired by Purcell's The Fairy Queen, with Matilda Lloyd, the eloquent trumpet soloist” (Rebecca Franks)

June 2021


“Stargast war die junge britische Trompeterin Matilda Lloyd, die im Konzert E-Dur von Johann Nepomuk Hummel mit makellosem Ton und virtuoser Technik brillierte.”


“Her flawless tone and virtuosic technique shone.”

2nd March 2020

23rd July 2016

“Matilda Lloyd demonstrated her dexterity and élan in the Finale of Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto.” (Brian Barford)


telegraph review

“The truly memorable artist on the bill is Matilda Lloyd...She’s remarkable.” 

(Gillian Reynolds)

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February 2015

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