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Casta diva

Chandos Records

BBC Music Magazine's Recording of the Month June 2023



casta diva is out now to buy, download and stream

BBC Music Magazine

“Lloyd plays with intense expression and immense warmth."
"An album full of delights...
Overall, this is immensely assured and really great fun."
Recording of the Month, June 23
Performance: 5 stars
Recording: 5 stars
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"Rarely has a trumpet been heard to languish, yearn and sing so beautifully."
"Emotionally and with a gentle tone, the young Brit manages to bring out the versatility of her instrument"
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Planet Hugill

“An elegant sense of line and some nice bravura moments make trumpeter Matilda Lloyd's recasting of Italian bel canto arias a surprising delight.”
"This is transcription at its best, preserving the original yet transmuting it into something new."

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